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The music and mayhem of Livid 1994

Brisbane's Livid Festival was an institution unlike any other.

When discussing the Australian music scene of the 90s, the evolution of the urban music festival cannot be overlooked as one of the decade's defining developments.

Music festivals had been a part of the Australian landscape since the wild days of bashes like Sunbury Rock Festival in the 70s, but by the end of the 80s they remained primarily a rural concern aping the Woodstock model.

Held as far away from civilisation as possible,

The story of TISM

The mystery, the mayhem, and the merriment of Australia's most anonymous band.

Some bands' legacy extends far beyond just the scope of their musical output. Melbourne's TISM is one of those bands.

Over six albums and numerous EPs, compilations and live videos, this collective of anonymous, masked musicians managed to confound and offend many.

But they also entertained those of us who felt a part of the joke, even if it was occasionally at our own expense.

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