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About Rewind

"It's really exciting to be launching the Rewind podcast, we've got a great team and it's been a lot of fun so far," Bell told The Music.

"This is my first foray into the podcast world but it feels like a natural extension of the interviews I've been doing in print for 20 years - plus I spent plenty of time on-air on 4ZZZ in Brisbane over the journey and spoke to plenty of people in that capacity - but with the extra scope to dig a little deeper and go off the beaten path a bit, which the music geek in me really enjoys.

"We're going to be focusing largely on Australian music - key releases and events - which has been a passion of mine for decades. Sometimes I think we take for granted the scope and diversity of the amazing music we continually conjure for a population of our size, and I hope that Rewind can add something of value to the ongoing discussion about this amazing scene."